John Dotson, Security Software Enginner
John Dotson, Security Software Engineer

Hello my name is John Dotson, I’m a security software engineer and the author of  I grew up in California during the early 80s and, at that time, I knew next to nothing about personal computers.  Back then they were expensive and very few households owned one.  It wasn’t until I started taking classes at Arizona State University that computers had become main stream.  This, along with the rapid growth of the internet, peaked my interest.  I decided to enroll myself in 2 computer science classes one fall.  After that semester ended, I knew I had found my future career.

After four years I graduated from ASU with a Bachelors of Computer Science degree.  Almost immediately I began working for an anti-virus software company.  I spent my time learning everything I could about virus protection.  I worked alongside a team of programmers, many of whom were fresh out of college.  After only a few years of software programming, I received a promotion. My new job became security software engineer.  Instead of developing anti-virus software for other companies, I would now be in charge of defending this one.  Since then I’ve helped secure this company’s information from just about every form of online threat.  Hackers, malicious software and DDoS attacks just to name a few.

Why fBibbs?

One of the reasons why I decided to start this blog was to help inform others of the need for cyber security.  It’s not enough for just big company’s to focus on internet security.  It’s just as important for individuals to do the same.  So much of our information is stored electronically.  Whether your browser saves your credit card information or your using your name and address to register for a site, it’s important to know that this information can be easily accessed if you do not protect yourself.


If you have any questions about digital security that have yet to be cover please send me an email.