Social Media Rules Parents Should Adopt
Some programs, like a catch a cheater app, can keep track of your child's social media accounts.

Are you active enough in keeping your kids safe on social media? Most parents think that they are, but they really aren’t. They need to not only protect their kids’ future reputations online, but also help them stay safe from predators and bullies. There are many different ways to do this, from using a catch […]

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Bridging the Gap in Online Studies
Online studies are great for both new and returning students.

We have to give credit to technological advancement for transforming online education. It’s a convenient form of studying because it accommodates people who want to further their education but may not have time to attend a conventional class. Thanks to technology, education is now easy for people with busy schedules. Many devices and gadgets have […]

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5 Social Media Actions Students Must Avoid
Learn How To Stay Safe On Social Media

Many students don’t realize that their actions online could affect their future careers.  Inappropriate behavior while using social media can carry some serious consequences. The reason most teenagers don’t even think twice about posting inappropriate things is because they believe they can remain anonymous online.  What they don’t realize however, is that there are a […]

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