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If an operation has to be carried out, the procedure is paid for by the health insurance companies. The operation then has a medical purpose. Think of gastric surgery here. However, there are operations for which the statutory health insurance companies do not grant a subsidy. These are the so-called cosmetic operations or whatever they are called aesthetic-surgical operations.

The health insurance will also not pay for laser surgery on both eyes. People who have cataracts do not incur any costs, they can be found in the health insurance benefits catalog. Cosmetic surgery has its price and can rarely be paid from the current budget. An operation loan is then eligible.

Operations Credit – surgical loan

Operations Credit - The Outlook

Cosmetic surgery is performed when the patient wants a new nose, ear correction, new breast, or double chin. These operations are expensive and cannot be paid from the postage account. Of course, the clinics and doctors know about this fact and often offer a loan for an operation. Relevant information can often be found in the doctor’s waiting room.

With all professional ethics, a doctor would like to have the costs incurred again. Hence the offer from the doctors and clinics. The loan offer is usually already prepared so that the patient only has to sign it. But you shouldn’t let yourself be pushed. The patient has no possibility of comparison and should also carry out a credit comparison with the simple loan offer of the doctor.

In this way, he gets an idea of ​​which loans are to be paid and how much. The doctor has to give the patient an estimate so that the loan amount is already fixed. However, the patient should not be afraid to see other doctors and let them give you a quote, because after all it is the patient’s money that should be spent.

Many customers contact the house bank with a loan. A personal conversation is often sought from bank employees. But after all, not everyone wants to bind such a sensitive project to everyone’s nose. The bank does not need to know that the customer wants to have his breast enlarged.

The customer can find the anonymous loan at the many online banks and direct banks on the Internet. A credit comparison can be used to find cheap providers of a loan. Since the cost estimate is available, the individual providers can be checked on the basis of the loan amount. Of course, the providers show their best interest on the individual pages. The customer should know that not everyone gets a low interest rate.

Interest pays off depending on creditworthiness, ie if you have a good credit rating, you will also receive the favorable interest rate. But the focus should not only be on the interest rate, a really cheap loan is shown in special repayments and installments. The financial situation can always change both positively and negatively. The loan could be repaid earlier free of charge if a special repayment was noted. In addition, the installment hours can help with a financial bottleneck.

Does it have to be an operation?

Does it have to be an operation?

Before applying for a loan, the question should be clarified whether an operation is also useful. Many people suffer from a nose that is too long or ears sticking out, which means that they were teased more often as a child. The operation is said to eliminate these abnormalities. Anyone who decides to tighten their double chin, which has not flattened despite trying to diet, already knows what they are doing.

Nowadays, most people value attractive looks. In many cases, even a job depends on it. Often the real values ​​of a person are no longer taken into account, but only the aesthetic ones. It starts with teenagers. The beloved star has just had a breast operation and is proudly showing it to the camera. Of course, the young person who has not yet been consolidated would like to have that too. If such requests are in the foreground for a loan for operations, it would be better not to carry them out.

Of course, there are people who suffer from these “abnormalities and get real depression when the quality of life disappears, for these people a loan for surgery can be helpful. But emulate his asterisk, the costs are just too high for that.

It should also be considered that the loan for operations has to be paid back for many years. The costs are immense, since the price range only starts at thousands of USD. If the operation still has to be carried out, the credit comparison can provide the necessary information regarding the conditions. Sometimes the credit for surgeries from the doctor presents itself as cheap.

However, a doctor doesn’t want to wait forever for his money. When interest-free loans are granted, the loan has a short term. The rates are then high. The question should then be “Can I pay this?”.

The Credit Bureaufree credit

The Credit Bureaufree credit

Anyone who applies for a loan must also have a good credit rating. The bank will check the income, which must be above the garnishment exemption limit. The Credit Bureau must not be burdened with negative entries, and permanent employment must also be proven. If these conditions can be met, the loan will also be approved.

That’s how many loan offers you get


However, if the loan seeker cannot fulfill it because, for example, he has a bad credit, the German banks usually refuse the loan. The way out can be the Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. The conditions for a loan are similar to those of loans from German banks, except that the Credit Bureau is not queried. The loan is also not entered.

Another very important point is permanent employment, which must not be limited and does not include a trial period. This means that unemployed people and recipients of social welfare do not get any credit from these banks, because, firstly, the income is state and cannot be seized. On the other hand, there is the unstable income of the self-employed.

Anyone who does not earn enough to be able to prove at least a attachable portion of 100 USD will not receive the credit for operations from abroad.

The credit for operations is provided with three loan amounts. Once 3,500 USD, the most approved loan, 5,000 USD and most recently 7,500 USD. The employment relationship must have existed for one year for all loans, and the employment relationship must have existed for at least four years for the 7,500 USD loan.


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Swiss credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness. /swiss-credit-without-credit-bureau-and-without-creditworthiness/ /swiss-credit-without-credit-bureau-and-without-creditworthiness/#respond Wed, 25 Mar 2020 11:58:52 +0000 http://www.fbibbs.com/swiss-credit-without-credit-bureau-and-without-creditworthiness/

 Is there a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau and no credit rating? The article clears up with advertising lies and word games. Find out under what conditions a Swiss loan can be approved without Credit Bureau and when not.

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness – puns

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness - puns

Millions of people are stuck in a credit crunch. According to the Credit Bureau, about nine percent of all adult people residing in Germany have at least one negative Credit Bureau entry. In such a financial situation, normal financing is out of the question. If unpaid bills or urgently needed new purchases take your sleep away, you want to find a way out. In addition, many trust the advertising messages of the credit brokerage industry.

You are looking for keywords on the Internet, such as a loan without proof of credit or Swiss credit without Credit Bureau and no credit rating.

Instead of a serious increase in credit supply, many unfortunately only find a play on words in response to their desperate search. In advertising, a loan without Credit Bureau is offered for every conceivable situation in life. The truthfulness of the advertising message unfortunately leaves something to be desired in many cases. Nevertheless, many prospective customers react to unsustainable advertisements, hoping that if such a difficult case can be solved, then there are credit opportunities.

The calculation of the dubious advertising promises works. Without acting as a credit intermediary, this portal would like to help you know the truth. There are no Swiss loan offers without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness. It is only possible to completely exclude the Credit Bureau from the credit check. For a Swiss loan, which incidentally comes from Liechtenstein, the lender does not ask Credit Bureau for a credit check. In addition, Credit Bureau does not report an approved loan.

Facts about credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness

Facts about credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness

A Swiss loan without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness is not a loan that everyone gets approved. Personal creditworthiness is even looked at very closely. Only employees subject to social security can qualify for the loan. Proof of creditworthiness through guarantors or property collateral is excluded. The employment relationship must be permanent and exist for at least 12 months. (Exceptions for time soldiers).

A comprehensive assignment of income only serves to secure the claims. The wages may therefore not be seized or any other assignment to the employer. In addition, income must significantly exceed the seizure exemption limits. As a rule of thumb for 3,500 USD of Swiss credit without Credit Bureau: garnishment-free limit plus at least 80 USD of additional net income.

The specified requirements are checked point by point. In addition, the Lite Bank takes a look at the public debt register. Anyone who has an entry with the district court regarding the filing of the eV or private bankruptcy will be rejected. Each of the key qualification points mentioned must be fulfilled. Commercials that gloss over this are dishonest. Cream Bank does not generally grant exceptions for credit intermediaries. (Source telephone service of the bank).

Without Credit Bureau, only two loan amounts are offered. 3,500 USD of Swiss credit without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness are possible at an effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent. In addition, a loan of 5,000 USD can be applied for at the annual percentage rate of 11.61 percent. The proof of income for this loan amount is unfortunately significantly higher. A net working income of at least 1,600 USD is required. (Single).

If you want to get your Swiss loan without Credit Bureau and without creditworthiness on these terms, you do without a credit broker. You can apply for the loan directly on the homepage of the credit bank.

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Loan scams. Loan between individuals /loan-scams-loan-between-individuals/ /loan-scams-loan-between-individuals/#respond Mon, 23 Mar 2020 11:22:25 +0000 http://www.fbibbs.com/loan-scams-loan-between-individuals/

In the private loan sector, many ill-intentioned people offer easy money through ad sites (such as anibis), on Facebook or through websites giving the illusion that they are serious lenders. We have carried out an investigation to understand its mechanisms and traps.

What clues betray the fact that they are scams?

money cash

These items are alarm bells:

They are willing to lend pharaonic sums to anyone: millions of francs, up to 100 million! (For a private credit the maximum amount generally reaches USD 250,000 and the conditions for granting the loan are strict.

Extremely low rate: from 2% to 5% (the minimum in Switzerland is 5.9% with the Capital Central bank)

Duration of the repayment from 1 year up to 20 – 30 – 40 years, and some offer to start the repayment from the 6th month, or in the most comfortable month for you! (maximum in Switzerland: up to 10 years with Cream Lite Finance). Their main focus is on people to whom banks have refused a lo.n

Who have financial difficulties and who are destitute

money cash

Swiss private individual offers you a loan of 1,000 to 2,000,000 USD to anyone who can repay it with interest at a low rate of 2%. We are private offering loan between serious private individuals who need for small businesses, personal investments for only 2% interest according to the amount it requires to give rate and a term of 1 to 20 years. We make local loans and international loans to people all over the world. Our organization is not a bank and we don’t need many documents. Fair and honest and reliable loan. Contact me now and let me know the amount of money you want to lend.

How they present themselves

money cash

They present themselves as very generous individuals with a lot of money who want to come to the aid of the whole planet, even of those who will never be able to repay even a penny.

Sometimes they try to earn your trust by passing themselves off to a third party who recommends a lender (the scammer himself, you will understand it) because he would have received the promised money.

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Property Guarantee Loan: Understand more /property-guarantee-loan-understand-more/ /property-guarantee-loan-understand-more/#respond Sat, 08 Feb 2020 12:48:06 +0000 http://www.fbibbs.com/property-guarantee-loan-understand-more/

We know that it is not easy to get money to make your dreams come true, especially those that require a larger investment, such as a retirement, a trip, or even starting a business.

For these purposes, it is obvious that you will need more income. A high-value, long-term loan that has viable interest rates would be the best option. However, the big question is: where to find a concession with these characteristics? The secured home loan may be the answer you are looking for.

In this text, we will explain how this type of credit works and how to do it. Follow!

What is a home equity loan?


Known in the market as fiduciary alienation, this type of concession is characterized by being a loan in which the interested party makes his property available as a guarantee for the release of the credit.

The institutions that grant this type of credit usually accept from houses to apartments, commercial establishments, and even land. It is important to make it clear that the chattel mortgage is not the same as a mortgage. The two have as main characteristics the use of the property, however, they have very different concepts, as we can see below.

Differences between mortgage and disposal


As we mentioned in the topic above, the two categories of credit are not the same. The main difference is the fact that, in the mortgage, the institution is not defined as the owner of the property.

What happens is that the owner of the residence establishes in the contract that, if he is unable to repay the loan, the property can be handed over to the lender. However, this process is usually much more bureaucratic than the alienation, because, for the financial company to obtain the house, it needs to file a lawsuit.

What is needed to do?


First, it is necessary to make it clear that, despite the facilities, this type of credit requires the interested party to fulfill some prerequisites. To know:

  • the structural conditions of the property must be in good condition, in addition, its value must not be less than R $ 150 thousand (for properties outside the capital) and R $ 200 thousand (for homes in the capitals);
  • the contractor must not be more than 80 years old when the loan reaches the end;
  • an assessment is made not only of the state of the house but also of its location, the type of population, HDI and the per capita income of the region.

With these requirements met, the interested party will begin the process to make their loan.

How did it work?


The first step is to perform a simulation on the institution’s website. It is a standard procedure, as it is from there that the finance companies can check if you are able to handle this concession.

Once the loan chances have been confirmed, it is now time to fill out the registration form and send a copy of the documents. We emphasize that the required documents, in this case, are RG, CPF, proof of residence, marital status and income, property registration and IPTU booklet.

After sending, the bank will perform a financial and legal assessment of your situation. If everything agrees, they will analyze the conditions of the residence. This is done through a contracted engineer who goes to the location, takes measurements and takes pictures to send the financial institution.

Provided that your home is in good condition, the bank will ask you to send your original documents for the preparation of the contract and send it to you to sign.

Upon receipt, the contractor must authenticate it at the registry office. Upon registration, the institution then deposits the required amount in the consumer’s account.

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Lite Lending: Make Cash Loans in Counts Today! /lite-lending-make-cash-loans-in-counts-today/ /lite-lending-make-cash-loans-in-counts-today/#respond Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:27:18 +0000 http://www.fbibbs.com/lite-lending-make-cash-loans-in-counts-today/

This cash loan service has a very easy process of finding funds and can be obtained without any collateral. The debtor can simply fill in their personal data and make an application through an application that needs to be downloaded first, then the loan funds will immediately be disbursed in less than 48 hours.

Founded in 2017, a subsidiary of Lite Lending has disbursed loans of more than $40 billion. Looking at the current growth of the fintech industry, the number is expected to increase by up to 10 times.


Applying for a Loan in Lite Lending

Loan application

This online loan service uses machine learning technology that functions to manage all debtor transactions so that when applying for a loan at Wellraise Finance, the debtor only needs to register by sending face photos, KTP, and personal data information through an application available on Google Play.

The following are the steps for applying for a loan at Wellraise Finance.

  • Download the Wellraise app.
  • Try simulating a calculator in the application, then click Start Submission.
  • Enter the mobile number to start registration.
  • Fill in personal data and information requested in the application.
  • Verify the video where the debtor is asked to do a face recording with several poses as requested by Wellraise.
  • Apply for a loan by following the steps given.
  • Wait for confirmation of cash loan approval.
  • Cash loans will be transferred to your account.


Conditions to Apply for a Loan in Lite Lending

Loan in Lite Lending

Although the loan process for cash in Wellraise is fairly simple, but this application-based loan also sets its own terms and conditions in its efforts to anticipate fraud in the loan application process. The conditions include:

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • 21-60 years old.
  • Have a KTP and NPWP.
  • Have a local bank account.
  • Residing in the Jabodetabek area.
  • Willing to provide personal contact information and current jobs.


Benefits of Applying for a Loan in Lite Lending

Benefits of Applying for a Loan in Lite Lending

The presence of online loans is one solution to help meet urgent financial needs. Here are some benefits that can be enjoyed by the debtor.

1. Easy cash loan process

Wellraise is based online or can be accessed via mobile phones. That is, prospective debtors no longer need to bother coming to the bank branch to apply for a loan. Simply rely on the Internet network, then cash loans can be directly processed.

2. Disbursement of cash loans within 48 hours

If in general the search for a cash loan at the bank takes 1-2 months, in Lite Lending can get your loan disbursed within 48 hours! In addition, this loan process is also carried out entirely online. So, the debtor will not be called and did not go through the survey process to the house for verification.

3. How to pay loans easily

Repayment of loans in Lite Lending can be done in two ways. The first way is to transfer to the bank account listed in the application and the second through the nearest supermarket, such as Alfamart and Indomaret.

4. Registered OJK

The development of financial technology is currently growing rapidly in Indonesia. This means, more and more illegal online loans are mushrooming in the community. Well, the good news of Wellraise has been recorded on the official website of the FSA. So, the debtor does not need to worry about the risk of fraud when making loans here.


Weaknesses Asking for Loans in Lite Lending

Weaknesses Asking for Loans in Lite Lending

Although offering a quick loan solution for prospective borrowers who need urgent funds, Wellraise also has some weaknesses that need to be considered.

1. Extremely high interest rates

In contrast to bank lending rates which generally apply 1-3 percent per month interest calculations, the Wellraise online loan uses a daily interest calculation system which will certainly be higher, around 0.8 percent per day or equal to 24 percent per month.

2. Short tenor period

Online cash loans generally specify a shorter tenor than a bank. At Wellraise Finance, debtors can only take a tenor of 10 to 30 days.

Keep in mind, the longer the tenure is taken, the greater the interest that must be paid. So, you should adjust the tenure period taken with the ability to pay interest rates.

3. Verification via video is quite troublesome

Although it aims to increase the security of the lending and lending process at Wellraise Finance, video verification requires a capable mobile phone speed capacity to be able to process videos properly.

4. The value of a small ceiling

Cash We offer a ceiling ranging from USD 500 thousand to USD 5 million with a tenor of 10-30 days. However, for debtors who have a good track record of cash loans, they can apply for loans of up to USD 4 million to USD 20 million with a 3-6 month tenor.

That’s some information about our Cash. It should be understood that you can actually anticipate urgent funding needs by implementing sound financial management. That way you do not need to make loans online or at the bank. Hope this article helps, yes.

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Swiss credit without prepayment /swiss-credit-without-prepayment/ /swiss-credit-without-prepayment/#respond Mon, 03 Feb 2020 11:57:00 +0000 http://www.fbibbs.com/swiss-credit-without-prepayment/

A Swiss loan is usually a loan from a Swiss or Liechtenstein bank without Credit bureau. These loans are paid out as well as their repayment in USD. In addition, federal credit institutions issue foreign currency loans in Swiss francs (CHF) for real estate financing.

Prepayment is another term for preliminary costs, which are sometimes required by credit intermediaries. They are clearly prohibited for loan applications within the EU, and there is a legal gray area for loan applications in third countries such as Switzerland. In both cases, commissions paid for successful credit brokerage are acceptable and acceptable. When borrowing Swiss Credit bureau-free loans, this almost always bears the borrower.

Why prepayment is to be avoided

Why prepayment is to be avoided

Ideally, consumers apply for a Swiss loan only without prepayment. There is no such requirement if customers submit the loan application directly to the bank and therefore without an intermediary. This is possible with Swiss loans if the applicant has a permanent job and achieves the minimum income determined by federal banks based on the size of the household. Furthermore, the lending of federal banks is generally limited to an amount of 3500 USD, only a few credit banks grant higher loans of up to 5000 USD.

In addition, most banks from Switzerland or Liechtenstein only grant their loans to applicants who are citizens of their country of residence. The obligation to treat all EU citizens equally does not apply to them, as Switzerland is not a member state of the USDpean Union. Freelancers and the self-employed also get a loan without Credit bureau at some Swiss banks, but if applicants use the credit brokerage service due to their personal situation or the required loan amount, they still get their Swiss credit without reimbursement from reputable brokers.

A reputable credit broker only charges the client the agreed commission for loans from foreign banks if the transaction is successful. If service providers do not provide a Swiss loan without prepayment, there is also the risk that they will be more interested in collecting the preliminary costs and not in an actual loan brokerage.

Application and payment of a Swiss loan

Application and payment of a Swiss loan

The Swiss bank does not make a Credit bureau request before lending and does not report the borrowing to the German credit protection association either. This makes the Swiss loan without prepayment and without Credit bureau suitable for loan applicants with negative characteristics in their Credit bureau information. However, there is a notification to the central office for credit information, which is to be classified as a Swiss counterpart to the German Credit bureau. This notification primarily prevents the simultaneous taking up of several Swiss loans from different banks, which could result in borrowers undermining the limit on the loan amount.

The Swiss financial institution usually transfers the requested and approved loan amount to a borrower’s checking account; at the express request of a customer, most Swiss banks also make a cash payment. The currency of the Swiss loan is the USD, so that there are no conversion costs or exchange rate risk. There are also no costs for the transfer of the monthly repayment installments, since the financial institutions applying for their loans in Germany maintain a bank account with a domestic credit institution.

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