Gadgets Parents Are Buying To Keep Kids Safe At School

There’s no denying that the US has a gun violence problem when it comes to school shootings. But while legislators debate about the best way to stop school shootings and what legislation will be effective

Parents want solutions they can give their kids right now to keep them safe. There are some gadgets that parents are buying in droves to give their kids

So that when they return to school their kids have a fighting chance to survive if a school shooting happens at their schools. Digital Addicts mentions a bunch of gadgets that might be helpful for your kids.


Here are some honorable mentions:

  • SafeGuarde
  • Personal Cell Phone
  • Good ole fashin pepper spray

Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof backpack sales have gone through the roof since the school shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018. They have bulletproof inserts that can help protect kids if the kids can hide behind their backpacks. There are also bulletproof inserts that parents can buy to put in regular backpacks. Many parents find it bizarre and unsettling to be shopping for bulletproof back to school gear.

But when it comes to the safety of their kids… They’re willing to try anything to give their kids an advantage in a desperate situation. Bulletproof backpacks are backordered.

If you want to get one for your child before the end of the summer

You should order now to be sure it arrives before school starts again.  


Doorstops come in many different styles and sizes. Most are small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack pouch. A doorstop made of metal or heavy rubber can be wedged under a door so that even if an active shooter was to shoot out the lock on the door and try to open the door the door wouldn’t open. This won’t stop the shooter… But it can slow a shooter down and prevent the shooter from entering a classroom and protect the people inside. There is also a device called JusinKase. It is a metal gadget that is a combination of a door stop and door barricade. The device attaches to the door jamb as well as having a piece that is wedged under the door so that the door cannot be opened from the outside at all. It’s often recommended that teachers keep this device in their desks to protect their classroom in the event of a shooting.

GPS Trackers

When a school shooting happens it can be impossible for parents to get information about their kids. Parents have no choice but to wait in agony to find out if their children are ok. GPS trackers that can be attached to a child’s shoes, bag, or clothing may not give parents total peace of mind but if an emergency happens parents will be able to immediately locate their child using an app on their smart phones so they will be able to tell where their children are. In an emergency where information can be spotty or non-existent a GPS tracker at least gives parents some indication of their child’s status.

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