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When it’s finally summer you shouldn’t focus on smart devices, but that doesn’t stop most people. Even with gorgeous weather and beaches many people still want to stay in and play on their devices. Technology is just so addictive and fun that even I have trouble staying away from it. Since many people will spend their summer in the air conditioning and on technology, I might as well tell you some of my favorite.

Amazon Alexa

Many homes are now adorned with the Amazon Alexa. Any command you need whether more groceries or ordering more food will be instantly easier. The world is evolving and we have smart devices to make our lives easier. With Amazon Prime day the Amazon products will likely we on sale. This is a good time to finally fill your home with an Alexa. If you haven’t already. You can bring home an Echo device with Alexa for under a hundred dollars.


smart devices
Use A Smartphone For More Than Just Calls


This is a no-brainer as most people have some type of smartphone. There still are people that prefer simpler phones such as tracker phones. However, most technology enthusiasts love the complexity of smart devices. It’s always a good idea to have your phone on you when you’re out, but a smartphone can do so much more. From taking videos, taking pictures, downloading apps and games, you can do just about anything.


If you’re planning on staying home a lot or just want something to do after work, the iPad is a great option. The iPad’s run less than the price of a phone and can browse any website just like a computer. My favorite things to do there is online shopping, watching videos on YouTube and streaming Netflix. Who doesn’t enjoy watching Netflix? Let us know if you enjoy Netflix. Or you could lie on the couch with your smart device and a cup of coffee in the morning.

smart devices
A FitBit Is Another Great Smart Device


Whether you are going on a trip this summer or just visiting the local beach, you need to get yourself a GoPro. These incredible cameras are made for capturing high-quality videos. If you get the water-proof case you could even take the camera underwater to record some cool diving tricks. This camera is very small in person but has amazing potential for video taking. This device runs lower than an iPad so it’s reasonably affordable for most consumers. Check back here at Fbibbs for more content.